Inga Diers Translations in Hanover 

interpreting and translating in German, English, Ukrainian and Russian

Since 1989, we have offered a variety of translating and interpreting services in German, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. By 2015, the Regional Court of Hanover had once again affirmed our status as officially accredited interpreters and duly authorized translators. It means that we are licensed to translate all official documents, to certify and stamp them, or let them be legalized by the Apostille, which shall be recognized and accepted by the authorities and courts of the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries.

Please get in touch with us, and we provide you with an individual quotation.

Inga Diers

Inga Diers
officially accredited interpreter and duly authorized translator by the Regional Court of Hanover - Landgericht Hannover -
for Russian

Ingo Rauzov

Ingo Rauzov
officially accredited interpreter and duly authorized translator by the Regional Court of Hanover - Landgericht Hannover -
for English, German, Ukrainian and Russian

We interpret for you in the scope of:

  • Conferences and meetings

  • Negotiations

  • Trainings and seminars

  • Court hearings and notarization

  • Regulatory compliance certifications

  • Delegation visits to companies

  • Visits to trade fairs

  • Physician office visits and doctor's appointments

  • Presentations

We translate for you:

  • Public and legal documents and certificates

  • Qualifications, transcripts, and diplomas

  • Contracts of any kind

  • Websites

  • Advertising brochures

  • Technical documentation

  • Patents

  • Contents of Commercial Register

  • Writs, appeals, statements of claim

  • Business and private correspondence

Our key areas of specialization and pricing

Throughout our long interpreting and translating experience, we have focused on various key areas:

  • Law

  • Economy

  • Accounting

  • Auditing

  • Medicine

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Logistics

  • Agriculture

  • Politics

  • Education

  • Musicology

  • Performing Arts

  • Social Affairs

  • Culture

  • Intercultural Communication

Upon request, you can get an individually arranged quote for our interpretation and translation services.

References and partners

Here is a short list of our long-standing business relationships in the field of interpreting and translating:

  • Bahlsen KG

  • Lorenz Snack World Holding

  • State Government of Lower Saxony

  • TUI International

  • Abbott

  • Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum

  • German Pension Insurance

  • Hanover Trade Fair

  • EuroTier

  • German Agricultural Society

  • City of Hanover

  • Customs in Hanover

  • German Management Academy of Lower Saxony

and many others.